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Coleman Dehumidifier

Remove Excess Moisture to Prevent RV Mold and Musty Odors

Who's the frequent but hidden guest in your travel trailer or RV? Excess moisture! It often moves in when your RV is closed up off-season, and the dampness creates a mess - musty odors, mildew or mold growth, and even warped cabinets and dry rot. Mildew and mold are especially concerning, as it can affect your family's comfort and health.
Moisture is generated when you’re using your camper, through cooking, showering and other activities involving water. Also, when the temperature outside is cooler and drier than inside, condensation forms. In your RV, the moisture has nowhere to go, so it stays and does damage!
RVers can use an exhaust fan or air conditioner to help, but it's not enough. Some popular RV products like DampRid can't reduce high levels of humidity enough, and they can't maintain stable humidity levels to prevent moisture build-up. You need a dehumidifier powerful enough to chase away moisture and keep humidity at a steady 40-50% relative humidity (RH).
With the compact Coleman DX2500 Dehumidifier onboard, there's no need to worry about high humidity - in season or off. Just set a target RH level with the unit’s simple on-screen controls, then use the free mobile app with your phone to maintain and monitor humidity levels with Bluetooth or WiFi.
Many low-cost dehumidifiers claim to be able to reduce and maintain humidity, but they just don't have the dehumidifying power to control it. Their onboard tanks also require regular emptying or the units stop dehumidifying. The Coleman DX2500 is hassle-free, as it has an automatic pumpout, so you get continuous operation and no tanks to empty!
Coleman dehumidifiers offer proven reliability from the leading American professional dehumidifier manufacturer. Plus they're backed by a limited lifetime warranty on the housing and 6 years on the compressor and coils, key system components, plus U.S-based customer service by live chat, toll-free phone or email.
Invest in the health of your RV or trailer as well as your family with a Coleman DX2500 Dehumidifier and you can stop worrying about dampness.
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