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Protectant Clear Coat

How Protectants Work and Where to Use Them

It’s tough to find your way through the maze of protectants for car paint, boat gelcoats, plastics, textiles, leather, etc. – and their many claims: UV protection, scratch resistance, moisture repellency, moisturizing surfaces and luster enhancement.

Most protectants can only do a couple of things well – and in fact, generally, the more specific the protectant, the better its performance.

However, Legend Brands R&D Lab found a way for a single protectant to excel at many functions on many different materials – and thus Un-Duz-It® Multi-Surface Protectant was created.

Un-Duz-It Multi-Surface Protectant is exceptional on ALL these surfaces:

  • Vehicle clearcoat – Delivers stunning shine, removes water spots, retains gloss and provides UV-protection
  • Boat gelcoat – Protects and shines
  • RV clearcoat – Protects and delivers stunning shine with great gloss and UV protection
  • Leather seats – Moisturizes, softens, and provides UV protection and excellent durable shine
  • Plastics – Revitalizes, shines and protects dashboards, doors, bumpers and any other dark dull plastics, delivering shine and UV protection
  • Tires – Moisturizes and delivers durable shine to tires and does not fling as most silicone tire dressings do

This means you can stop buying multiple protectants for your vehicle or boat - Un-Duz-It Multi-Surface Protectant does it all!

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