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Car in Commercial Care Wash

Beware Commercial Car Wash Solutions

Automatic car wash systems are a great convenience – they save time and effort for a fair price – but you may be trading performance for convenience.

Because automatic car washes are geared for speed, they tend to use cleaning products that are high in pH (alkalinity), as well as products that may be incompatible—all in name of fast cleaning. Over time and constant use, high pH products can damage the clearcoat on vehicle paints, yellow out plastic headlight lenses, and dull and dry the black plastics and rubbers on the outside of the vehicles.

Also, if not rinsed well, these detergents may be incompatible with the drying agents used later in the automatic car wash cycle, resuilting in a dull shine. Even though this dull look is not permanent and can be washed off, that’s not what you expect after a vehicle wash.

Un-Duz-It One-Step Wash & Wax makes handwashing your car, RV and boat well worth it, as its high-performance detergents are mild and low in pH. It also cleans great AND protects all of your RV, truck, boat or car exterior.

Washing with Un-Duz-It One-Step Wash & Wax leaves a ceramic-type coat that is scratch-resistant and that repels water and dirt. And as you continue to use it for subsequent washings, a new protective coating is added to all external areas of the RV, truck, or automobile—including the windshield and windows.

Un-Duz-It One-Step Wash & Wax cleans and beautifies your vehicle, delivering an outstanding shine. And best of all, one product, one step does it all.

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