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Goodbye Naturally All Surface Cleaner

What's The Secret Behind Goodbye Naturally Products?

We all use cleaning products, but have you ever considered why some products clean so much better than others? Incredibly, even the people who develop chemical products may not know for certain why one product performs better than others.

Chemists who become formulators learn what each ingredient does and then have to select from thousands of available ingredients. They then blend the chosen components in specific calculated quantities for each ingredient and the product to function as it should, considering all of these factors:

  • Will it be stable?
  • Will it resist storage, transportation and weather conditions?
  • How long will the shelf life be?
  • How well does it comply with federal and state regulations?
  • Does it look and smell good?
  • Is it cost competitive?
  • Are ingredients easily available?
  • Is it safe for the consumer and the environment?
  • And most important, will it do what it is intended to do well?

It’s very difficult to balance all of these factors in any chemical product. More often than not, compromises are required to achieve all these goals.

Keep in mind that all ingredients are chemical compounds made of molecules – including water. These molecules tend to interact with one another. And that interaction may change depending on dilution ratios and ratios among ingredients.

Our Products’ Difference: Micro-formulating

We look at how each component behaves on the molecular level and how these components interact instead of looking at the ingredient level.

Once we understand what the selected chemicals are doing at the molecular level, we can control their behavior. Sometimes chemical interactions deliver negative results and sometimes positive synergistic results. If we don’t know what’s really happening at the molecular level, we may fail – poor performing products often have negative interactions between molecules that impact the effectiveness of the product.

Goodbye Naturally products are top performers because of our micro approach to the formulating process AND because we are also very particular about what natural ingredients we use. If you want a cleaner that’s safe for use around pets and kids, Goodbye Naturally has the right combination of carefully selected natural ingredients to clean extremely well.

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